PFAS Contamination

In the state of Maine, PFAS contamination, termed “forever chemicals,” has begun to wreak havoc on our land, water, wildlife and even our bodies. These chemicals are known to be associated with increased risk of cancer, kidney and liver disease, higher cholesterol levels, and decreases in infant birth weights, amongst others as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Therefore, the Shaw Institute has partnered with Cyclopure and Maine Laboratories to offer PFAS testing at a discounted cost for various samples including drinking water, soil and various tissue samples. This work is used to further our knowledge of PFAS contamination and sourcing. Our Senior Research Scientist and Executive Director, Dr. Charlie Rolsky, was appointed to Governor Janet Mills’ PFAS Fund Science Advisory Committee, where he serves as a resource for the state’s efforts to assist farmers, schools, and residents of Maine.


Research Staff

Charles Rolsky, Ph.D.
Executive Director & Senior Research Scientist

Michelle Berger, MA, GCPH
Associate Scientist